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Lumbar Board

$175.00 (inc tax)

This is a padded, two piece hinged adjusting board. Lumbar boards are use by ABCTM practitioners to adjust the lower lumbar vertebrae.

Adjusting Gloves

$30.00 (inc tax)

This padded glove is used to help protect the hand of an ABCTM practitioner when doing thoracic and lumbar adjustments.

Seat Belt

$50.00 (inc tax)

2 metre seat belt, plus clasp, making adjusting clients without the assistance of a CA that much easier.

Sit, Sleep, Stand DVD Pack

$35.00 (inc tax)

This DVD is of ABCTM founder Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz presenting “How to SIt, Sleep and Stand Without Ruining Your Body”. Dr Jutkowitz covers a range of topics including:

  • Standing
    • Why and how to use dots instead of arch supports
    • The adverse effects of using arch supports
    • Breathing changes with correct standing
  • Unwinding
  • Sitting
    • How to set up your chair properly
    • What happens when people sit cross-legged
  • Sleeping well and comfortably

The pack includes arch dots, heel lifts and heel chips to test.

Total run time 1:47:28

Unwinding Brochure (pack of 50)

$60.00 (inc tax)

This brochure was designed by ABCTM founder Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz. It is an educational brochure to be given to patients to help them better understand the unwinding process their bodies will go through under the care of an ABCTM practitioner.