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Discover Unrivaled Support with the ABCA Super Firm Mattress

ABCA Super Firm Mattress - Unrivaled Support and Customization

What is the ABCA Super Firm Mattress?

The ABCA Super Firm Mattress is a revolutionary chiropractic-developed mattress designed to provide unparalleled support and personalised comfort. Engineered by leading Advanced BioStructural Correction practitioners, this firm mattress is meticulously crafted to support your entire body, maintain the benefits from your chiropractic adjustments, and offer a restful night’s sleep. Our unique blend of advanced materials and innovative design adapts to your body’s needs, delivering customised support where you need it most. The best part..? Our high density pillowtop does not compromise the integrity of the firm pocket springs, and thus you and your partner can choose a comfort level that suits you best!

Who is it for?

The ABCA Super Firm Mattress is ideal for individuals who are under ABC chiropractic care, athletes seeking optimal recovery, and anyone who values high-quality, restorative sleep. Ideal for the side sleeper, our firm mattress provides the support and alignment your body craves. If you’re tired of restless nights and waking up with aches and pains, we encourage you to move away from the super plush mattresses of the past, and support your spine again.

Why choose the ABCA Super Firm Mattress?

ABCA Super Firm Mattress - Unrivaled Support and Customization

When can you experience the benefits?

Each of our mattresses are made to order, as YOU choose your comfort level with pillowtop selections for both the left and right side. Upon order, each mattress is processed with the factory and takes approximately 2-4 weeks to produce. We ship Australia wide from Melbourne, with delivery timeframes being 1-2 weeks for Melbourne and Sydney, and 2-4 for other regions.

Where can you get it?

The ABCA Super Firm Mattress is available exclusively through our order page, select your preferred mattress size, and customise your pillowtop firmness level. Our user-friendly checkout process makes it easy to place your order, and offers $100 flat rate delivery to all Metro areas.

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Frequently asked questions

Where are the mattresses made? All ABCA Mattresses are made in Melbourne, Australia.

How is the mattress delivered? All sizes except Super King are compressed and rolled after production, and shipped in a box straight to your door. As the Super King is too large to box, this comes delivered uncompressed in a protective wrapping.

Do I need to be home for delivery? No, if there is a safe space to leave the box, the drivers will do so.

What is the warranty period? Every ABCA Mattress comes with a 10 year structural warranty.

Do you offer a money back guarantee? No, we offer a comfort guarantee instead. If within 30 days, you feel your choice of pillowtop selection is not right for you, we offer 1 free of charge pillow top replacement in a different firmness.

Do you remove old mattresses? No, as a chiropractic association, we partner with our manufacturers to produce the mattress, and then hire a third party delivery company to handle deliveries. We do not have a warehouse or way of disposing of these mattresses. Please enquire with your local council about their collection service.

What are the sizes of the ABCA Mattress? In Australia our mattress sizes are standardised to fit everyone! They come in Single (92cm x 188cm), King Single (107cm X 203cm), Double (137cm x 188cm), Queen (153cm x 203cm), King (183cm x 203cm) and Super King (203cm X 203cm).

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The ABCA Mattress


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The ABCA mattress has been designed by ABCTM practitioners to support the alignment of their patients.  With three times the number of springs of a standard mattress, this mattress will provide your body with the support it needs for you to sleep the whole night through.

The 3rd generation ABCA Mattress has the ability to unzip the pillowtop cover and interchange the foam to suit both you, your partner, and your health journey. We recommend the Super Firm option when ordering, however are confident in the support of the spring system and for the first time have opened up the option to choose a firm pillowtop, or split the pillowtop allowing ABC patients to have the Super Firm or Firm on their side, while their partner has a softer foam to suit their preferences.

Please note only Queen and King size mattresses can be made with split foam. If ordering a Single, King Single or Double only one pillowtop option will be available.

The mattress comes with a 30 day comfort guarantee allowing you to request one foam replacement during this time.

Australian made to order with a 10 year warranty, made with the highest standard Australian manufactured foams, quilting and springs.

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Adjustable Pillow


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An adjustable, high density, natural foam pillow. The pillow was designed by founding ABCA Board members to help support the sleeping posture of patients under ABCTM care. This pillow has 6 pieces including 5 removable pieces which the user can add and remove to achieve a pillow height perfect for their individual posture and body shape, and 2 top layers for individual comfort.

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